What do you need to consider when importing or exporting your goods?

What do you need to consider when importing or exporting your goods?

Getting your goods from A to B is quite a challenge. Have you already thought about the type of transport you want to use? You will also need the necessary transport documents and insurance, and you will have to deal with Customs. We will help you on your way and tell you what to look out for when importing or exporting your goods!

Which type of transport do you choose?

There are several ways to transport your product from A to B. You can choose from rail, road, air, and sea transport. Each type of transport has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Then you need to make a declaration to customs, but why is this necessary?

If you import or export goods from outside the European Union, you must declare them to Customs. You need to pay taxes and import duties. In this way you bring the goods into free circulation in the EU. Customs uses your declaration to calculate the import or export duties. Customs also assesses whether any other customs requirements are necessary, such as for safety, health, economy, and the environment.

Does this apply to all goods or are there exceptions?

It is wise to find out in advance whether import restrictions or import regulations apply to the product you are importing. Most products are allowed to be imported, but it can also happen that you must deal with import bans, for example because of sanctions. There are also products that may only be imported if you are in possession of an import license.

What can NLD Customs help you with?

NLD Customs is a specialist in all aspects of customs formalities and will ensure your import and export declarations are completed accurately and on time using a state-of-the-art IT software system which is linked directly to Customs. And most importantly, NLD Customs has licenses to clear goods across the Netherlands, with our core business on sea- and air freight.

Despite we have an office near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, we handle clearances daily for sea and air freight shipments. NLD Customs has a smooth connection with Customs and in case of physical inspection, Customs will go directly to the bonded warehouse.

For more information about import declarations, export declarations, Transit (T1) documents, fiscal representation, or veterinary and phytosanitary declarations, please get in touch!