We Customize Solutions

As customs specialists, NLD Customs is also experienced in export declarations for all kind of shipments leaving the EU. Declarations are submitted electronically to Customs through a direct link and within a few minutes we receive the custom status of your shipment.

A correct export clearance is vital in applying for the 0% VAT tariff when selling your goods overseas. Above all, each shipment leaving the EU needs to be ratified by Customs. Meanwhile, we monitor each outbound shipment on your behalf and if needed we provide you with the Confirmation of Exit to prove your goods have left the EU accordingly.

Export worldwide

And when you want to export goods worldwide, you might need additional export documents like EUR 1 / EUR-MED certificates of Certificate of Origin. NLD Customs has a direct link with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to request these documents on your behalf.

Why NLD Customs?

In conclusion, no matter how complicated your requirement is, NLD Customs has the experience and specialized knowledge to take care of all your export declaration including all requirements. For more information about our services, please get in touch!

Why NLD Customs?

  • Export clearances
  • Electronic submission
  • Monitoring outbound shipments