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Most of the goods arriving from non-EU countries must be declared to Customs. That is to say, each individual shipment must be declared separately, and you must deal with customs procedures. This is where our customs specialists will take care of your shipments and import declarations.

For example, each product in combination with the origin carries its own duty rate, preferences, and exemptions. Other general considerations include anti-dumping fees, agricultural duties, and excise. However, the level of the various duties to be applied, depends on several factors and is different for each declaration. And moreover, the customs value must be determined correctly. This is important because of the calculation of the import costs. Above all, import declarations may be temporary or may involve re-imports.

Why NLD Customs?

NLD Customs is a specialist in all aspects of customs formalities and will ensure your import declaration is completed accurately and on time using a state-of-the-art IT software system which is linked directly to Customs. And most importantly, NLD Customs has licenses to clear goods across the Netherlands, with our core business on sea- and airfreight.

To clarify, NLD Customs can clear goods arriving by sea and air. The clearances can be done for full containers which has arrived at the terminal. As a result, you can pick up the container after release of customs and deliver without any customs stops. In case of a physical inspection, we can assist you with several options. However, our customs services are also for LCL shipments which are unloaded in a customs warehouse.

Despite we have an office near Rotterdam, we handle clearances on a daily basis for airfreight shipments as well, which arrive via airfreight on Schiphol Amsterdam. NLD Customs has a smooth connection with customs and in case of physical inspection, customs will go directly to the bonded warehouse.

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Why NLD Customs?

  • Anti-dumping fees
  • Licenses
  • Connection with customs