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A T1 document is a transport document needed for goods coming from outside the EU or not yet released into free circulation. These goods cannot be traded because import duties and VAT have to be paid first. Sometimes customs clearance is an attractive option when you are trading the goods because it gives you a liquidity advantage. A T1 transit document offers the solution!

What are T1 documents required for?

For goods which are subject to transit, T1 documents are required from Customs. T1 transit documents are also needed when: goods are entering the EU and you don’t know if they’ll stay in the European Union, goods are entering the EU for storage in a customs warehouse and outbound shipments are shipped from your customs warehouse.

T1 documents are produced and forwarded to you by email in order you may arrange onward transport of your shipment. At the final destination the T1 document needs to be closed in order to avoid additional tax from customs.

NLD Customs will arrange your T1 shipment

However, our people have excellent knowledge to advise you which procedure is the best option for your shipment. Most importantly, NLD Customs has the necessary customs license and is authorized to issue these documents on any location in the Netherlands to ensure the swift movement of your goods with minimum delay.

NLD Customs has an AEO status. Thanks to this status it can be said that Dutch Customs trusts NLD Customs and this offers you many advantages. Time-consuming checks, for example, are less of an issue than with a company that does not have this status. And because we know that your time is valuable, we do everything in our power to have the process run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Why NLD Customs?

  • Smooth transport
  • No duties and taxes
  • Excellent knowledge