Are you ready for Brexit?

How to prepare for smooth declarations?

Are you ready for Brexit? As from the 1st of January 2021 you will need to have customs documents if you will import or export goods from and to the United Kingdom. We are ready to help you in this uncertain and challenging times. But of course, we will need to have good and correct instructions to arrange smooth customs declarations. This means you can check if you are able to provide us under mentioned information in case you will have shipments to and/or from UK:

• Instruction and documents can be sent per mail to: with at least following information:
– Booking number
– Terminal/ferry operator
– ETA or loading date
– Equipment number
• Power of Attorney from the importer or exporter of the goods. You can find our forms on You can already send them to us so we can add you or your clients in our system.
• Extract Chamber of Commerce (or other proof) with authorized person to sign POA
• Commercial invoice between seller and buyer
• Correct Incoterms to determine a correct customs value of the goods
• Correct HS codes and a clear and correct cargo description
• Valid EORI and VAT numbers from the importer/export
• For regular importers it might be interesting to apply for article 23. Then the importer will not be required to pay this VAT in advance on import, which is positive for their liquidity.

We can imagine that there will rise one or more questions regarding this new situation. And of course, there will be special requirements that needs customization.

You can always give us a call (+31 (0)181 221 090) or send an e-mail to: Our team will be very happy to answer all your questions.

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